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Biacore™ 4000

A powerful solution for large-scale, label-free analysis in drug discovery

Select your candidates with confidence:
 - Sensitivity and high-quality binding data enable
   better-informed decisions

Throughput without compromise on quality: 
  - 60 hours unattended operation with parallel 
    analysis of up to 16 targets or 4800 interactions in 24 h

Avoid data evaluation bottlenecks:
 - Innovative software solutions for improved productivity:
   evaluate up to 4800 interactions in less than 2 hrs

Integrate into your workflow:
 - Advanced LIMS integration support and convenient data
   export for customized analyses

Seamless transition into regulated environments:
 - Validated software facilitates 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

     GxP support for Biacore 4000:
Flow system designed for flexible, multiplexed assays

Key application areas in drug discovery

Antibody analysis

Screening and ranking of antibodies and antibody fragments direct from crude supernatants or lysates - yes/no binding, selectivity

Detailed characterization of antibodies and antibody fragments - specificity/selectivity as well as isotyping kinetics, affinity, concentration

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LMW drug discovery

Screening of LMW compounds (incuding fragments)
- direct binding analysis, selectivity & stoichiometry 

Compound characterization from hit validation to lead optimization - binding selectivity, affinity & kinetics

Read more about these applications and the powerful solution provided by Biacore 4000 LMW Extension Package>>
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