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Perform dry-run experiments and save time and materials during assay development.

Simulate sensorgrams on your desktop

View basic kinetic analysis, heterogenous interactions, epitope
mapping, multimolecular complexes or concentration analysis
Perform dry-run experiments to verify experimental data
Save on materials and time during experimental design
Use it as a learning tool for protein interaction analysis
Become familiar with the interpretation of Biacore results
BIAsimulation functions include basic kinetic simulation and sensorgram analysis:
With adjustments for mass transport limitations, co-operativity and hindrance, signal noise and random concentration errors
Kinetic analysis of interactions involving heterogenous ligands and analytes
Analysis of sequential multi-site binding tests, with user defined interference patterns, epitope mapping simulation for 6x6 antibody matrix with full user control over reagent properties such as kinetic parameters, concentration, bulk RU contribution and random response error levels

BIAsimulation can be downloaded free of charge. To download, however, you need to be logged in and have a valid ‘Product Key' registered in your account details. If you do not have a Biacore website account yet, you can signup here.