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Sensor Chip CM5

The most versatile chip available –
the first choice for immobilization via -NH2, -SH, -CHO, -OH or -COOH groups

Suitable for ligand fishing
Suitable for high capacity capture
Supports a wide range of immobilization levels
Attach proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates or small molecules
Couple to carboxyl groups on the sensor surface via -NH2, -SH, -CHO, -OH or -COOH

Matrix: carboxymethylated dextran covalently attached to a gold surface. Molecules are covalently coupled to the sensor surface via amine, thiol, aldehyde or carboxyl groups. Interactions involving small organic molecules, such as drug candidates, through to large molecular assemblies or whole viruses can be studied. A high binding capacity gives a high response, advantageous for capture assays and for interactions involving small molecules. High surface stability provides accuracy and precision and allows repeated analysis on the same surface.

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