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Biacore™ 4000 - System Details

Biacore 4000 offers a complete solution for molecular interaction analysis, delivering high quality data without compromising on throughput. The system hardware and software provide innovative solutions for maximizing productivity in key areas such as antibody selection, biotherapeutic and LMW drug discovery.

A flexible system for many types of analyses
Biacore 4000 provides a wide range of high quality label-free molecular interaction data. The system provides full support for multiple types of screening and characterization analyses:
Yes/no binding (screening)

Off-rate ranking

Kinetic analysis

Affinity analysis

Selectivity & specificity analysis

Concentration analysis

One system for many types of analyses

High sensitivity & high resolution for the most challenging assays

Increased sensitivity with improved S/N ratio
Advances in digital signal processing of data enable Biacore 4000 to produce improved resolution of low signals. Noise levels have now been reduced to <0.1 RU (resonance units) compared to typical levels of <0.3 RU in our comparable prevous instruments.

The example opposite shows a comparison of low-signal runs (maximum response level around 20 RU) made using the same data collection rate (1 Hz) on Biacore 4000 (top) and Biacore A100 (bottom).

Improved sensitivity in Biacore 4000

Higher data collection rate for increased resolution
Biacore 4000 enables the user to select a data collection rate of 1 or 10 Hz. At the higher collection rate, resolution is significantly improved, enabling the analysis of interactions with a wider kinetic range. The improved resolution at 10 Hz enables the measurement of faster off-rates (up to 1 s-1).

10 Hz data collection for improved resolution

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Flow system optimized for throughput and flexibility
Biacore 4000 uses four independent flow cells, each containing five detection spots. Each flow cell has its own needle, enabling parallel injections. Hydrodynamic addressing allows multiple interactants to be immobilized on different detection spots within a single flow cell, making different assay configurations possible. The innovative flow system design increases sample throughput and allows several experimental conditions to be tested in parallel, accelerating assay development. Up to 16 interactions can be detected per cycle, or up to 4800 interactions in 24 hours.
Flexible assay configurations tailored for user needs
In an assay configuration optimized for sample throughput (top panel opposite), four different interactants are immobilized in each flow cell and four different samples are analyzed in parallel during each cycle. Alternatively, in an assay configuration maximizing the information obtained per sample (lower panel opposite), one sample is assayed with 16 different immobilized interactants simultaneously during each cycle.

In both assay setups shown, 16 interactions can be detected per cycle or up to 4800 interactions in 24 hours.
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Hardware designed for productivity & performance

The hardware in Biacore 4000 was developed to enable scientists to perform large-scale studies with efficiency and confidence, providing both high productivity and reliable, quality performance.

Long unattended run time (60 hours)
     - Rack hotel with automatic rack exchange for up to 10 rack trays
     - Supports both 96- and 384-well microplates
Robust, high-performance assays
     - Integrated vacuum degasser
     - Excellent temperature control (assay range 4-40°C
Flexible, parallel analyses
     - Selector panel allows multiple buffers to run in parallel

96- and 384-well microplates supported

Streamlined sample data and results management

Biacore 4000 includes solutions for system integration with LIMS to simplify import and export of sample data, run information, and results.

• Hand-held barcode reader for microplate tracking
     - Streamlines data handling
     - Sample & run data automatically linked to final results
• Sample Manager software for import of sample data
     - Minimizes possible user errors
     - Optimizes efficiency
• Web Service
Provides direct access to Biacore 4000 database for automatic data 
       transfer to and from LIMS

Web Service for integration with LIMS
Database solution tailored fo large-scale applications
To provide the storage capacity required by large-scale assays, all data is stored in an Oracle™ database located on a server (server and Oracle management software are not included). This database setup provides searchable data and security features inherent to Oracle database systems. Data can be accessed from separate workstations, allowing users to control runs and evaluate data from different computers.
Innovative software tools designed for large-scale analyses
Biacore 4000 software provides a range of solutions that elegantly complement the hardware design, providing a powerful system for large-scale applications in drug discovery.
Method Builder
Biacore 4000 Control Software provides full flexibility to design methods for a wide range of assays. Using an intuitive, flexible graphic interface (Method Builder), run methods are setup in logical steps using a workflow. For added efficiency, predefined methods are available that can be used directly or modified to suit the user's needs. The graphical interface provides simple viewing and editing of the method.
Method Builder
Automated QC of large data sets
Biacore 4000 Evaluation Software utilizes several automated tools to speed up analysis of large data sets, including automated quality control tools to identify infrequent sensorgram disturbances. The quality control (QC) assessment tool allows thousands of sensorgrams in a data set to be rapidly checked for approval. This tool uses advanced algorithms to automatically identify outliers, and gives the user full control to decide which data to exclude. This valuable tool detects all major and > 95% of minor deviations, and allows large data sets of several thousand sensorgrams to be inspected in less than an hour.
QC assessment tool

Application-tailored evaluation tools
Biacore 4000 Evaluation Software provides application-tailored evaluation support to facilitate analysis and minimize time-to-result. Only a small number of clearly defined operations are required to go from approved data set to final results.A useful overview of the data is shown as thumbnails combined with details of selected data (see opposite).

Specific evaluation-tailored tools are provided for screening & ranking, kinetic & affinity analysis and concentration measurements (see below).

Data display in evaluation software
Screening & ranking
Report point values can be plotted in a number of ways and ranking borders and cut-off lines can be added to plots of single report points against variable values. Data in plots can be tagged using user defined curve markers.
Concentration measurement
Evaluation tools for concentration analysis provide automatic generation of calibration curves and calculation of sample concentrations. The coefficient of variation (CV) for replicate samples is  provided automatically.
Kinetic & affinity data consistency
Sreamlined functions are provided for evaluation of kinetic and affinity data. Evaluation is rapid, and the software detects and recommends exclusion of sensorgrams that are not appropriate for the analysis.
Derivation of kinetic & affinity constants
The software uses a 1:1 binding algorithm to derive kinetic and affinity constants. To aid data interpretation, the quality of the fitting is validated against a number of rules defined by sophisticated algorithms.
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