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Instrument Service

Service dedication and consistency
Dedicated engineers provide high quality service and ensure maximum performance from every system.
Our engineers keep records on all Biacore units, enabling consistent service over the years.
Service actions are documented through performance protocols and service reports.
Surveys show that customers are extremely satisfied with the service support they have received.

Service contract product information

To download the pdf's below, please enter your login details. If you do not have a Biacore website account yet, you can sign up here.

Service Brochure for Biacore Systems (1 MB)

Service contract ordering information

Extended warranty options are also available, providing full warranty protection from the day of installation until a specified future date.

USA/Canadian customers can find information regarding Terms & Conditions of Sale (limited warranty and service contract terms and conditions) here >>
Instrument recycling: Request collection recycling of your Biacore instrument (WEEE directive) using the GE Healthcare Lifesciences instrument service request form - here

Useful downloads

Print these documents and keep them next to your Biacore system.

Instructions and calendar for necessary routine maintenance:
Biacore Routine Maintenance Protocol and Calendar in PDF (56.2 kB)