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GE Healthcare now offers a package of lecture materials covering the use of Biacore™ label-free interaction analysis systems in life science research. This package is intended for teaching purposes in the academic or company training environments and the materials provided are designed to enable the recipient to run a course lasting from 1 to 2 full working days. The basic lecture package is provided free of charge for bona fide teaching purposes only. Options such as instrument loan or additional expert support can also be discussed after sending in the Contact Request form.

Please note this package is not suitable as a self-training tool for those with little or no knowledge of Biacore systems, nor is it intended for this purpose. A range of e-learning courses is available for those wishing to learn the basics of Biacore technology & applications - see here

Topics covered include:

   • Technology basics
   • Application examples
   • Assay Design
   • Data interpretation

Package componets:

   • Slide presentations on multiple topics
   • Exercises for assay design, data interpretation etc
   • Instrument loan (optional, by arrangement)
   • Expert support (optional, by arrangement)

More details on presentation contents

Introduction: label-free interaction analysis using Biacore systems
Part One
Kinetic and affinity analysis
Part Two
Biacore applications
Part Three

Contact request form

In order to receive the Educational Lecture Package, please provide all the information requested in the form below. Please note that after sending this form, a GE Healthcare Biacore systems specialist will contact you, so that the package best suited to your needs can be provided (if for example,  you need to loan an instrument  or require additional expert support for your course.

To access the form, please enter your login details below. If you do not have a Biacore website account yet, you can sign up here.