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Kinetic and Affinity Analysis Using BiacoreTM systems - USA/Canada

A prerequisite for this course is successful completion of Biacore Basics.

Courses begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at approximately 5:00 p.m. each day. The registration fee includes: course binder, certificates, beverages, snacks and lunch. Travel and hotel accommodations are not included.

The registration fee for Kinetic and Affinity Analysis Using Biacore is $1633 USD (plus tax, if applicable). Please email us to receive information about multiple attendee prices. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.


Prices for academic and government customers*:

*For price quotations, contact the Biacore University Administrator by email

For in person attendees

Important information

There is limited space available for each course. If you do not receive confirmation within 36 hours, please contact the Biacore training administrator by email . GE Healthcare, Biacore will not be responsible for any fees associated with travel changes, if arrangements are made prior to acknowledgement of a completed registration.

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend and cancel five (5) business days before the course, you may transfer to another scheduled date for the same course. If you do not attend and do not cancel, you will be responsible for payment.

For virtual attendees

Virtual training courses are ideal for those who would prefer to learn from their home or office without the need to travel to the scheduled training location.  Our virtual training option uses a hybrid learning experience-where remote learners receive the same interaction, collaboration and instructor contact as those physically in the classroom.  You will be visible to the instructor and other students just as if you were physically in attendance at the course, while also being able to interact with the instructor(s) and other students in real time.  The only requirements needed to attend the virtual training course is that you have a computer with the Biacore Evaluation software of your choice installed, internet connection, speakers, microphone, and ideally a webcam.  Kinetic and Affinity Analysis Using Biacore™ systems training is more convenient and accessible to trainees, no matter where they are located, using our virtual training option.

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To receive a price quote, please contact the Biacore University Training Administrator, by email or telephone 508-683-3766.

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Please answer the following the questions to help our training staff get to know you and prepare for your upcoming Kinetic and Affinity Analysis Using Biacore course.

Have you previously attended Biacore Basics? (Please note that Biacore Basics is a prerequisite for this course. If you have not completed Biacore Basics, you will need to receive approval from your local Biacore field application scientist Scientist.)

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The course objectives for Kinetic and Affinity Analysis Using Biacore include: (a) instrument operation, (b) routine maintenance procedures, (c) experimental design, and (d) data evaluation.

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